Capabilities & Services

Active Chromewell Exhaust provides services in customized engineering and testing solution for exhaust and emissions requirement along with specialized world class manufacturing capabilities like Robotic Automation, Surface Finishing operations and Logistics Management.

Our high-temperature powder paint technology is the result of years of experimental work with leading paint suppliers to meet our customers’ increasing requirements of environmental conditions. It is formulated with a custom silicon / zinc compound capable of elevated high temperature endurance and has also successfully passed extended salt spray testing..

Experienced & Established Tier 1 Supplier

  • Complete exhaust systems and components
    • Spark Ignited and Diesel engine application
    • Off-road, mobile and stationary applications from 5 to >700 HP
  • Specialized in sound, performance and thermal optimization
  • Emission management solutions for Diesel and SSI engines
  • USDA spark arrestor technologies with certified testing
  • Thermal management technologies (Tier IV System Integration)
    • Double wall and insulated tubing
    • Exhaust diffused & aspirator technologies
    • Device interface solutions
  • CAC and air intake tubing

Design & Engineering

Active Exhaust has highly qualified staff and extensive design experience; today producing over 1200 different exhaust system designs. This capability is seamlessly available to Active Chromewell Exhaust.

  • Integrated CAD design
  • Dynamic and Structural Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Emission, Thermal and Acoustical Simulations
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Value Analysis/ Value Engineering
  • CAD facility is also available in ACE which services Active Exhaust, Toronto


Emissions Muffler

Test setup includes:

  • 5 independent eddy current dynamometer cells
  • Semi anechoic sound chambers and B&K sound level meter
  • Infrared Camera (FLIR A40)
  • Emission bench (NOx, CO, THC, CO2 & O2) CFR Part 1065 compliant
  • Super flow, flow- bench
  • Vibration measurement
  • Maha particulate measurement


Manufacturing set up includes:

  • CNC: Tube bending, tube perforation
  • NC: Tube bending and rolling
  • Stamping
  • MIG/ TIG welding stations
  • Robotic and semi-automatic welding SPMs
  • Resistance welding machines
  • High temp powder- paint capability

ONE STOP SHOP(simple, complex, high and low volume)

Leading Edge Capabilities – as a best in class, custom solutions provider, we should be highly flexible; as a result, we are continuously investing in new state-of-the-art technologies to assure our customers that we can take on even the most challenging problems.